Conduct the war efforts from your phone when League of Angels – Fire Raiders launches globally soon

Just what your Android tablet or phone has been waiting for, a mobile version of Facebook action RPG, League of Angels, is set for a global launch soon.

In League of Angels – Fire Raiders the lands of Gaia are under assault from the Devil Prince and his invading Devil Army.


It’s up to you and your avatar to take the battle to the very heart of his imposing fortress to put a stop to the invasion.

However, you won’t be alone as hundreds of angel heroes can be recruited into your army’s ranks to help fend off this deadly incursion.


You’ll have to outfit your avatar and heroes with the very finest equipment Gaia has to offer and enhance it with socketable gems.

Customise your avatar to match your style of play as it levels up and becomes the greatest leader Gaia has ever witnessed.


Cast powerful magic spells to reinforce your castle’s defences. This is your base of operations and must be defended at all costs.

There are guilds full of friendly players just waiting to be created or joined and equally as many enemies to be made in the local or cross-server arena wars.

League of Angels – Fire Raiders will be available for free when it launches on Google Play. Check back often on the official Facebook page for a release date and visit the official website for further information.

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