App Sale: Graphic puzzler FRAMED gets price slash

App Sale: Graphic puzzler FRAMED gets price slash

Aug 15, 2017

Every now and then, we come across a game that grabs a hold of us.

FRAMED is one of those. It’s an interesting, comic-like game that we loved, and, coincidentally, is also on sale right now.

To play it is to get engrossed in it. Every “page” comes together like a graphic novel, except that the middle frames are jumbled up; the idea is to shift said middle images around in such a way that a coherent story is formed, and one gets from point A — the first frame — to point B — the culmination for that page.

And on to the next. And so on.

In any case, FRAMED can be had right now for $0.12. Yep, 12 cents… down from its regular price of $2.99

Not bad.

If you’re wondering why we love it, check our review from way back when.

By the way, the game has a sequel too, aptly named FRAMED 2.

[Our FRAMED Review]

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Five Noodlecake titles are on sale for a limited time

Five Noodlecake titles are on sale for a limited time

Jul 30, 2017


This is one of those few times when we actually reported good news when we should have reported GREAT news!

Noodlecake is quite the cross-platform fountain, and several of our favorite games have the studio’s imprint. Right now, it’s possible to pick up a few of those games at a steep discount.

We did notice that two well-regarded Noodlecake titles — realMyst and follow-up Riven — were deeply discounted. Delightfully, we subsequently learned that there are few more titles to add to the list.

And yes, the discounts are deep all the way round:

Wayward Souls
Regularly $6.99; on sale for $0.99.

Ah this one is all about platforming adventure though procedurally generated levels.

Lumino City
Regularly $4.99; on sale for $0.99.

An award-winning graphical feast that packs in an enviable dose of adventure.

Last Horizon
Regularly $2.99; on sale for $0.99.

A genteel yet fun planet-hopping caper that is easy on the eyes.

These are all in addition to the previously mentioned Riven and realMyst. Potentially, it adds up to more than $20 in savings.
Not bad.

Reality check: this sale ends on Tuesday. Get to gettin’!


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PC Port realMyst (along with sequel Riven) is on sale!

PC Port realMyst (along with sequel Riven) is on sale!

Jul 27, 2017

We try to be circumspect with our proclamations, but we feel it is fairly safe to say that Myst is an iconic game. It’s had plenty of valiant imitators, but the official Android port — realMyst — was a fun iteration that brings the desktop experience alive via Google Play.

And now, realMyst is on sale. At a sharp discount: $0.99.

As in 99 cents.

As in discounted from its regular price of $6.99.

Not that y’all really need to be sold on this one.. great graphics, first-person gameplay and a whole hos of puzzles to keep folks on their mobile gaming feet.

We got along just fine with this one when we took it for a gander earlier this year; we figure you just might like the sequel Riven, which (gasp!) is also on sale for $0.99, down from its regular price $3.99.

Check out the trailer to both games below, as well as our review of realMyst.



[Our realMyst Review]

App Promo! G5’s Dream Catchers: The Beginning is on sale

App Promo! G5’s Dream Catchers: The Beginning is on sale

May 22, 2017

Dream Catchers: The Beginning is on sale.

Excerpts from Google Play description:

Ever wanted to project yourself into someone else’s dream? Now you can! Plunge into this fascinating adventure and catch the dreams as they flow by.

When Mia was hired to teach at a girls’ boarding school, she managed to stay close with her family back home. She wrote regularly to them, but for the past few months, there have been no letters. Her concerned brother then set out to find out why – and things were odd from the start. While driving to the school, he noticed a dark shadow that seemed to be chasing his car until it careened off the road and down the hillside. And when he finally arrived, he discovered that an unknown disease had struck Mia, the students and other staff – they fell asleep one by one and haven’t woken up.

Join Mia’s brother in his investigation of this alarming situation. Search the premises for useful clues and hidden objects and resolve unbelievable tasks in both the real world and the dream world. Most importantly, wake Mia up and reveal the shocking truth about the Dream Catchers Order!

● 77 head-spinning levels
● 17 puzzling mini-games
● 2 impressive worlds: dream and reality
● 14 remarkable achievements
● Google Play game services support

The sale lasts from May 22nd through May 28th on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

App promo! G5’s Mystery of the Crystal Portal is on sale for limited time

App promo! G5’s Mystery of the Crystal Portal is on sale for limited time

Apr 24, 2017

Mystery of the Crystal Portal is on sale on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

For a limited time, that is.

Featuring innovative hidden object gameplay, an intriguing storyline, and stunning full-screen graphics, The Mystery of the Crystal Portal is a thrilling escape for the whole family. Embark on a brain-bending adventure with Nicole, whose father went missing after making a discovery that could “change the course of humanity”. Nicole searches the globe on an eye-popping quest to discover the truth behind his invention.


● 7 Picturesque Settings
● 22 Levels and Mini-Games
● Loads of Brain-Bending Fun
● Use pinch to zoom in and out to find all objects
● Free hints when you are stuck or buy them to speed up your progress

$0.99 gets you the whole game. The sale ends on April 30th.

App Promo! A Dark Room is available for free for a limited time

App Promo! A Dark Room is available for free for a limited time

Mar 28, 2017

March has been a good month. Proof? Amir Rajan’s A Dark Room can be procured for the awesome price of FREE — for a limited time, that is.

That’s 100% of the regular price of $0.99.

Ah, but take note: this offer is live for only a week.

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Gismart Piano is on sale

Gismart Piano is on sale

Mar 28, 2017

Gismart Piano, an app designed to get people to play and learn piano, is on sale on Google Play.

It can currently be had for $0.10, down from its regular price of $1.99.

Here are the app details per Google Play:

Our digital Piano app lets you choose sounds from a number of music instruments: from a grand and fortepiano, to the violin, harpsichord, accordion, organ and guitar. Carve out original melodies and record them to play back via different musical instruments. You’ll learn various chords and how to read sheet music, taking you on your journey to become a virtual piano player and maestro!

★★★ Real Piano app features ★★★
✔ Full 88 key piano keyboard
✔ Fun Mode
✔ 9 Different piano keyboards and musical instruments:
Piano keyboard
Grand Piano keyboard
Accordion keyboard
Electric Guitar
Cello Pizzicato
Vintage piano
✔ Single or Dual scrollable keyboard
✔ Free piano songs
✔ Popular and classic piano songs
✔ Piano record feature – record and share your plays
✔ Piano HD

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‘Left in the Dark’ is on Sale

‘Left in the Dark’ is on Sale

Mar 13, 2017

G5 has another app promo going; this time, Left in the Dark (styled Left in the Dark: No One on Board on the Amazon Appstore) can be had for relatively cheap.

This hidden object caper takes the player on a journey involving a ship once thought to be lost at sea. Port providence is the fictionally grim location, and the game is full of curses, paranormal activity and even — gasp! — murder.

Per Google Play, here are the game features:

● 68 engaging and captivating levels
● 14 uniquely enticing mini-games
● 13 inspiring achievements
● Seven enigmatic characters
● Gripping storyline and unparalleled hand-drawn art
● Google Play game services support

Right now, the full game can be unlocked for only $0.99; that’s 80% off the regular price of $4.99.

But (as with all things wonderful) his doesn’t last forever. You have till March 19th to cop this.


Subway Management Sim Mini Metro is on Sale

Subway Management Sim Mini Metro is on Sale

Mar 5, 2017

Mini Metro, an interesting subway system management simulator game from Playdigious, is currently on sale.

Right now, the game can be had for $1.99… or 60% off its regular price of $4.99.

Mini Metro is a game about designing a subway map for a growing city. Draw lines between stations and start your trains running. Keep your routes efficient by redrawing them as new stations open. Decide where to use your limited resources. How long can you keep the city moving?

● Random city growth so each game is unique
● Fifteen real-world cities to test your planning skills
● A variety of upgrades to tailor your network
● Normal mode for quick scored games, or Extreme for the ultimate challenge
● Compete against the world every day with the Daily Challenge
● Colorblind and night modes
● Responsive soundtrack created by your metro system, engineered by Disasterpeace

We don’t know when exactly the sale ends, so, as in all things discounted, hurry! Need some help deciding? We got you… check out the game trailer:

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Gunjack 2: End of Shift is on Sale

Gunjack 2: End of Shift is on Sale

Feb 28, 2017

For those with Daydream-compatible phones AND headsets, we have good news: VR adventure Gunjack 2: End of Shift is available for 50% off list price.

That means you can get the game for $6.49.

Everyone fights in New Eden. Some fight for power. Others for money. But out here, on the fringes of space, most fight simply to see another day. Far from the comforts of civilization, the vast mining rig, Kubera, is your home. As a turret operator charged with destroying waves of attackers, you stand united with your crew mates in the defense of the rig.

You are not a soldier, but a survivor, the scourge of would-be plunderers. With a formidable arsenal at your disposal, you will live the life of a Gunjack, protecting the Kubera, its precious cargo, and yourselves, from the bandits trying to blow the rig apart!

No word on how long this offer will hold, so get to it!

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Doc Mobile Clinic Rescue is on Sale on Google Play

Doc Mobile Clinic Rescue is on Sale on Google Play

Feb 10, 2017

Disney’s Doc McStuffins is an icon in the ever-important sector of toy healthcare, and for the young (and young at heart) who enjoy mobile games with the character’s imprint, here is some good news: Doc Mobile Clinic Rescue is on sale on the Play store for a limited time.

For five days only, you can get the game for free — down from its regular price of $2.99.

• Discover 4 fun-filled rescue missions that level up as you race: Doc to the Rescue, Snow Place for Toys, Fun in the Sun, and Birthday Rescue!
• Avoid obstacles and collect coins to rescue toys fast!
• Collect super-fun power ups that boost your speed and attract more coins. Take silly photos, too!
• Find and rescue 37 different toys! Help Doc make a diagnosis, heal boo-boos, and then build up your toy collection for even more fun!

As noted, this one ends in five days.

Goo Saga Goes on Sale

Goo Saga Goes on Sale

Jan 23, 2017

Goo Saga is a fun, engaging platformer-puzzle hybrid that can be hard to put down. Now, courtesy of developer Toka Loka Games, the game is available for the low — and we do mean “low” — price of $0.10.

10 cents.

Wondering about the game’s features? Here are a few (culled from Google Play):

– 3 different states of Goo’s elasticity controlled by the player: Deflated, Normal, and Inflated.
– 20 levels, each to be completed in 3 different modes: Normal, Survival, and Time Trial, plus 4 epic boss battles; each mode requires a different gameplay strategy.
– Captivating atmosphere with HD graphics and gameplay.
– 18 atmospheric soundtracks.
– Sophisticated level design with meticulously planned alterations between puzzle solving and platform based gaming sections.
– 12 types of robot enemies.
– Crystals collected through successful completion of the levels and used to enhance Goo’s abilities.
– 8 upgradable character abilities that help Goo in his adventure.

Like you needed the trailer to encourage you to pick this one up:

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