World of Tanks Blitz has stormed onto Android

World of Tanks Blitz has stormed onto Android

Dec 9, 2014

Androiders rejoice, for World of Tanks Blitz has finally arrived for all Android devices. Thank you, Wargaming!

In more good news, World of Tanks Blitz allows you to play against your iOS nemesis via cross-platform play. Be careful, though – they have a six month head start. You’ve been warned.


World of Tanks has been available on PC for around four years now but this is much more than a port. The visual overhaul and well-executed touchscreen controls all clearly have mobile in mind.


Short on time? Not to worry! The 7v7 tank battles are designed to be brief, so it’s the perfect game to play during a quick coffee break. There are ten different arenas to conduct tank warfare in and over 100 different iconic tanks from Great Britain, Germany, United States, and USSR to choose from.


In-app purchases do exist, though the base game is free-to-play. Fear not, as none of the purchasable items give you a distinct advantage over your opponent. Wargaming is all about fairness and equal opportunities so free-to-play players are just as welcome as their paying counterparts.


A steady stream of updates and graphic enhancements have been planned to complete this already generous package. Combine this with real life physics, detailed tutorials, and a bunch of in-game achievements to unlock and it seems we have a seriously must-play game on our hands.


Head on over to Google Play [download] or the App Store [download] and get playing World of Tanks Blitz to experience the best in free-to-play tank warfare.

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